Zitterpartie: dogs in the cold car

Even dogs freeze

Many dog ​​owners also notice classic signs of freezing among their four-legged friends. The animals tremble, pull in the tail and walk with their backs bent while walking. Especially cold-sensitive breeds do not have it easy in wintry temperatures. Most owners then remedy this situation with a matching dog coat, which can provide relaxation for dogs sensitive to cold. Some dogs do not want to go outside without a coat during the winter season.

But what if the dog has to wait in the car?

Again, dog owners should orientate on the sensitivity to cold their four-legged friends. If he trembles quickly and feels uncomfortable in cool temperatures, he will freeze faster in the cold car. Add to this the fact that the dog in the car can not generate enough heat through movement. Less worried, however, are owners of rather insensitive dogs Huskies. Eurasians or Czechoslovak wolfhounds.