When Giving Your Dog Protein: Quality > Quantity

You need help, we have the solution 🦸🏻‍♀️ 🦸🏽‍♂️!

Help: How much is too much #protein for a dog?

Solution: Protein should have a focus on quality > quantity. Why? When a #dog takes in too much protein, extra protein gets excreted through the kidneys and exits as urine. So when it comes to the body filtering and absorbing protein, you want to make sure it’s one with quality.🍖🥩🍗
Don’t forget to take into account your dogs size, lifestyle, and stage of life! A working dog’s requirements are far different than the average dog that goes on a few daily walks and occasional hikes. Agreat petcare resource website that uses vet authored content, this is the necessary average protein intake.
🥩 Puppies = 28%
🥩 Adult dog = 18% (another source said it could even be 20%)
🥩 Performance dog = 25%
🥩 Racing sled dog = 35%
🥩 Lactating dog = 28%

Though definitely speak to your vet about what’s an appropriate diet for your dog since every dog is different… (one of our volunteers made the mistake of not consulting with her vet and ended up with her dog making a bunch of homemade “mud pies” inside the house.