What a Mug

What a Mug

DJ is being fostered at one of my client’s homes. They so wanted to adopt him, but their other dog Emma, was having no part of it. She wanted him out! They are devastated, but have to do the right thing for Emma and their household.
I called another client whose dog died in august. I know they wanted to get another dog around the holidays. I thought DJ was a perfect match for this family, so I brought him over to their house for a few hours today. They fell in love with him immediately. So they are adopting him tomorrow. DJ is a lucky dog. Another happy rescue. And the best news is…. I get to see him M-F every week. :)) I’m crazy about this dog. I would have adopted him myself, if I didn’t already have three dogs..

Better On Black

florabella textures and actions

Posted by dog ma on 2009-11-14 04:59:54

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