Travel Tips: Dornumerland with dog

The search for a holiday destination where one's own four-legged friend feels at least as comfortable as his master and mistress is not always easy.

In Dornumerland with its small villages such as Neßmersiel, Dornumersiel or Nesse and Dornum dog owners find numerous cottages, where even with a dog "leave" can be. If you have a dog with you who likes to play in the garden, you should take a closer look. Although some cottages are equipped with a large garden, this is not always fenced secure.

However, as a dog holiday in Dornumerland is becoming increasingly important, the hosts are also reacting to this fact. In Nesse, for example, there are great houses and "Katen" whose fence exceeds the usual height significantly. In addition, hosts are also in terms of equipment on travelers with a dog. The apartments and houses provide enough space for baskets and Co. and are also often tiled. Thanks to the tiled stove and some underfloor heating, there is no lack of cozy warmth even in autumn. And if you prefer camping, Dornumersiel has a campsite with special pitches for dog owners.

On the way in the Dornumerland is well respected also on dogs. Clear signs indicate when the fur nose is not allowed to go a certain way. This facilitates the selection and prevents stress. In addition, there are in the communities Dornumersiel, Dornum and Neßmersiel sufficient stations with Kotbeutelchen and a corresponding trash can. If you want to equip yourself, you can get free dog bags in tourist information.

But that's not all. In Neßmersiel, there is the "Fun Agility Park" with slalom, seesaw, hurdles and many other stations right on the dog beach. Here, four-legged friends can let off steam with their masters. And if you want to let the fur nose run without a leash, you will find a fenced in meadow right next door. The stations of the Agility Park will be dismantled in October. During the peak season, dog owners receive a free entrance to the beach with the North Sea Service Card. Dogs then pay one euro per nose and get one home-baked dog biscuit,

Here are a few more impressions: