Travel Tip: Experience island Møn with dog

Picturesque sandy beaches, green forests and crystal blue sea – that's how the normal "holiday life" on the Danish island of Møn can be described. The resort, often referred to as Danish Rügen, is an ideal destination for nature lovers, families and dog owners traveling with their four-legged friends. The eclectic nature makes long outdoor walks possible and offers for dog and owner a relaxing, but active stay in a green idyll.

On the Danish island Møn are four-legged friends allowed and welcome. A vacation on the island south of Copenhagen offers the four-legged friends and gentlemen, in contrast to other holiday resorts, considerable relief and advantages:

For travelers who go on vacation together with their four-legged friends, special entry requirements apply to Denmark. Basically, Denmark is a dog-friendly country and is considered one of the most dog-friendly countries of all. But, as in other European countries, there are certain rules to be followed by the masters. A companion dog must have an electronic chip tag required to quickly identify the dog. Such a label is to be implanted under the skin by law since 2011. For tattoos tattooed before 2011, the tattoo is sufficient as a distinguishing feature. Furthermore, the holder has to carry a valid animal ID including the description, name and address of the dog and his own person. An up-to-date and at least 21-day-old rabies vaccine must also be demonstrated upon entry. According to dog law are some classified "list dog" breeds not allowed in Denmark. It is sufficient for the control in some cases already if the dog in question has a visual similarity with a list dog.

With dog on the island Møn There is a lot to discover. So there are sections where any restrictions are lifted and dogs can romp on a whim, both in the forest and on the beach. This shows how explicitly welcome dogs are on Møn: