Tips and tricks against travel sickness in dogs

On to travel to go is exciting and can demand not only bipeds a lot. Even dogs traveling with their master in the car or by train may suffer from motion sickness. From nervousness to lethargy to full-blown nausea or diarrhea everything can be here. However, to make the journey a pleasant experience for everyone involved, dog owners can take precautions. This is not only recommended with dogs that are already known for their motion sickness, because even the hitherto insensitive minds can react suddenly and unexpectedly sensitive.

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<p><strong>Start in good time with habituation</strong></p>
<p>The dog is just like humans a "habit animal". Only very few four-legged friends are able to cope well with sudden changes, which is why a trip can definitely cause discomfort. However, the emotional stress that already arises when climbing an unknown or unfamiliar means of transport, can be mitigated. It is therefore important and important to condition the dog for some time before the actual trip to the project. As with desensitization to allergies, the impact of the journey no longer works <img class=