The dangers of barbed throwing

Every dog ​​owner probably knows the popular stick throwing with his own four-legged friend. Many dogs are very keen on the most well-known dog play and hunt eagerly sticks afterwards.

Both dog and owner often enjoy this simple game. Hardly a dog friend, however, is aware that this seemingly harmless game for the dogs carries a high risk of injury or even life-threatening.

In this post we would like to inform you about the dangers of stick throwing and explain you the correct behavior in an accident. In addition, we would like to introduce you to harmless alternatives that will give your fur nose just as much pleasure.

For sticks, dog lovers usually spontaneously choose sticks that are in the area during a walk. However, these can have sharp edges or protruding small shards that are not recognizable at first glance. The dogs, who are mostly crazy about the popular game, often run blind behind the stick as soon as it is thrown. Many four-legged friends are cocky and traveling at high speed.

They grab the stick within seconds. Exactly in this very small period of time, however, serious injuries can occur. When picking up the stick into the mouth of the animal, sharp or pointed parts of the stick may injure the throat or mouth area of ​​the animals. Bleeding is the result. With a little luck, the injury is very low and after some drops of blood and some comforting pats already forgotten.

Often, however, very dangerous injuries result, causing not only severe pain for the dogs, but also an enormous blood loss. For example, when an artery is damaged, blood loss is usually so severe that help comes too late. Within a short time the dogs lose large amounts of blood, so that in particularly tragic cases the beloved animals die. It is also possible that by hastily picking up the stick, part of it gets into the air or esophagus. In such a case, there is acute danger of suffocation. Here, fast and safe action is required.

If, unfortunately, an accident occurs during the game of sticks, it is important to know the correct course of action.