Stress in Dogs – Relief and More Well-being Tips

Stress-related strains in dogs can have many causes. For example, bad experiences in the past can have a negative impact on future events. But also changes in everyday life, unfamiliar situations or noises are conceivable triggers. We have arranged tips to actively reduce animal suffering and show how prevention works.


Considered, stress is not bad. On the contrary: the through stressors. So special external stimuli, triggered physical as well as mental Reactions ensured that both animals and humans are difficult Cope with situations. Thanks to the release of adrenaline and norepinephrine becomes the so-called “fight-or-flight” – respectively Fight-or-flight response initiated. The body is elevated through biochemical processes in Willingness to act. Muscles, circulation and brain are in Alert, for example, as quickly as possible to acute danger flee or take up the fight with an enemy. So stress is quite essential for the survival of a species. It becomes problematic if the Distribution of stress hormones is unnecessary. So there is no danger of that Organism but nevertheless shows corresponding reactions. The spiritual and physical strain can cause significant long-term discomfort. The following

Symptoms are possible:

As with humans, diet also has a major impact on well-being in dogs. A dog food with selected ingredients can contribute to better coping with stressful situations or, in general, making the animal more balanced.

The market holds numerous offers ready Nutrients with a calming effect contain and thus contribute to stress reduction. On the other hand, if a food causes digestive problems or even allergies, provides excess energy or low levels of nutrients, it can increase the physical and emotional effects of stress. Veterinarians and specialized Dogs nutritionist help to find the right feed.

In addition, a look at supplements with a calming or otherwise positive effect on the organism is worthwhile. A currently prominent example is CBD oil, Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural substance of the hemp plant, which has no intoxicating effect, as is the case with THC. Instead, it has an anxiolytic, anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory effect.

It can even help with nausea, so for example, dogs can benefit from driving problems. cannabidiol binds to certain receptors of the nervous system just like the body’s own cannabinoids. “After the CB1 receptor has been activated in the brain, it signals the release of neurotransmitters that target the Harmonization of the nervous system contribute, “it says in a guide CBD oil for dogs of the online portal about supplements, which informs about dietary supplements in articles. The editors of the consumer magazine have also linked recommendable CBD oils and published dosage examples to facilitate the administration of the drops. Among other things, CBD can inhibit the increase in heart rate and relieve anxiety and stress.,

Important: dog food should never be up one day the others are completely converted. Indigestion could be the result his. Ideally, in the first two days of conversion, 75 percent the old mixed with 25 percent of the new feed. This will be followed by a few days with a 50/50 mix. On days 5 and 6, 75 percent of the new feed will be 25 Percent of the old combined. After a week, the new diet can be the completely replace previous one.