Spiaggia Romea – a dog-friendly holiday resort on the Adriatic coast

Here comes a tip that I was allowed to test extensively myself last year with Franzi and family. The local team speaks German and everything is barrier-free to reach. Sea beach, lake with dog area everything within 5 minutes to reach, dog animation and much more let you and the dog really holiday.

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You are looking for a dog-friendly holiday resort on the Adriatic coast? Spiaggia Romea is waiting for you and your little partner.

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<p>In Spiaggia Romea, the whole team strives to make your dog's holiday synonymous with change and stress, but for fun, games and caresses. Your dog will spend an unforgettable holiday.</p>
<p>Here is a little video from our vacation there. There are smaller coves by the sea, where you can romp with your dog undisturbed, but see for yourself:</p>
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