Share the Chair

Share the Chair

Cash and Tank sharing their favorite and only chair. Tell ya a little story….
Yesterday morning, I left the room for about 10-15 minutes. While I was gone, Tank, my eight month old bulldog above, chewed up my favorite sandal! Now, that wasn’t fun but when I realized he completely ate the buckle, I ended up in a pure panic!! It was a holiday and I couldn’t reach a vet!! Do I try and make him vomit it or have it scoped out or just wait. I didn’t know, so I kept calling around until I found a vet one of my clients uses. I was so stressed out by this point and it was only 90 minutes after he ate it. I knew he’d probably pass the buckle but I was worried about the post puncturing something important like his bowel or an intestine.
The vet told me to wait and see… he would probably pass it, but if not we would take an x-ray the next day. It was 25 hours of hell. I watched for signs of distress, but he was acting normal the whole time. I kept him quiet, not allowing him to play with the other dogs. Sure enough, 25 hours later, he passed it. I was never so happy to pick up poop! Tank did not suffer at all during the process. If I didn’t know he’d swallowed it, I would never have known by his actions. Totally oblivious to any wrong doing on his part. Nearly gave me a heart attack as the surgery to remove it, if needed, was over $2000 bucks!!!
Thank you God for seeing my baby through this process and making everything OK. Here he is, after passing it, totally fine! Whew!!! He has lived up to his name!
I’m not even gonna tell the shoemaker where that buckle has been!

Shot @ ISO 1600, 1/50 f3.2 during a rain storm outside. Almost no light inside. The wonders of a good camera and photoshop. =)

Rule #1. Never leave any shoes in the reach of Tank! =0))

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