Scratched and nervous? Relaxation exercises for fur noses

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A little stress in life is perfectly normal for dogs as well. One or the other encounter with conspecifics, the delicious steak on the dining table and the trip to the vet are classic evidence that four-legged friends can feel quite stress. If the excitement sets in again and the dog comes to rest afterwards, everything is okay. Then the self-reassurance mechanisms work and dogs need little support. But there are four-legged friends, who are particularly susceptible to stress and can not calm down on their own. Traumatic experiences from the past, a non-species-appropriate environment and physical causes may be the reason for this.

Simple exercises for the home

Caressing is a proven remedy for stress. Both dog and human spit out the "cuddle hormone" oxytocin while gently touching the body. This in turn has a relaxing effect, provides a feeling of security and can relieve aggression. By gentle touch of the skin dog owners not only affect the body of the dog, but also influence the processes

How one's own dog relaxes best, however, is an individual question. The usual stroking with the palms is not suitable for particularly anxious dogs, for example. They prefer to be caressed with the back of the hand, a brush or a massage ball. It should always be stroked in the direction of growth of the coat. To find out which method best suits their own dog, owners should pay attention to physical signals. A calmer breathing, a gentle look and a relaxed tail are good hints. When the dog finally lies down on the side and obviously enjoys the touch, the maximum level of relaxation is achieved.

During the regular pampering for relaxation, a small ear massage can also help. Here, master or mistress take the dog's ear gently between index finger and thumb. Then they perform gently stroking movements from the ear to the outer edges. Many dogs enjoy this ear massage and relax a bit more.