Refreshing summer fun for dogs

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A refreshing ice bomb is the summer hit for every dog. For this, you first produce a mass of ingredients that the four-legged friends like to eat.

The combination of the following foods is especially tasty:

If it is a bit heartier, offers a mix of these treats:

The ingredients are put together at the dog's discretion and, if necessary, mashed with the hand blender to obtain a mushy consistency. Then you fill with the mass of a dog bowl made of plastic or a Kong. The latter is a dog toy that you can buy in the pet shop and fill with treats.
The whole comes in the freezer for at least one hour and is then handed over to the dog for cooling.
Positive side effect: The dog not only receives a great refreshment, but is also busy for some time. Especially suitable for animals with high energy levels!

Ice cubes as a small snack for in between