Puppy Birth – What a bitch needs now

It takes an average of 63 days before a pregnant female dog turns into a proud puppy mother. However, the birth of the little fur balls is not only a great experience for the bitch. Even dog owners themselves feverish the special appointment weeks in advance. In general it can be said that a bitch instinctively knows how to behave during the birth and care of her puppies at the beginning. Nevertheless, owners should accompany the birthing process and help their bitch as well as possible. This requires a little equipment and patience.

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<p>After the opening phase, the bitch will feel the first contractions. The uterus contracts and pushes the puppies through the birth canal into the open. Depending on the number of puppies, this phase, also known as Austreibungsphase, take quite a long time. It is not uncommon when the interval between individual puppies is up to one hour. Very rarely does the break between the birth of individual puppies last even longer.<img class=