Overweight – that's how the dog gets back into shape

Thick dogs suffer as well as fat people. Overweight causes Heart disease, joint problems and kidney damage and significantly reduces life expectancy. In most cases, poor diet and lack of exercise are to blame. We are happy to help.

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<p><strong>If you have any questions about the weight, ask your veterinarian</strong></p>
<p>If you are not sure how much your dog is allowed to weigh, consult your veterinarian. However, you do not have to be recommended by the vet because most of them have contracts with just one manufacturer – not always this is the best. Also refrain from cheap convenience food from the supermarket and:</p>
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Do not believe a single television ad for animal feed, or question them and read in advance about this product !!

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<p>If the dog is too fat, only a change in diet to branded food with a very high meat content, lots of exercise and a strict diet. The recommended amount of food depends on your dog's ideal weight according to size and breed, not actual (over) weight. In most cases this means: eat half! For comparison: The daily amount of food for a medium-sized dachshund is about 100 grams and fits in a coffee cup.</p>
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