Only the Good die young

Only the Good die young

Clyde has been very ill for the last 6 months. He passed away on 1/13/16 (10 days ago… I just couldn’t work the pic for a while), at the age of four and a half. FOUR AND A HALF!!!!
I am heartbroken over the unfairness of death. This dog did not deserve to go so young. He was the sweetest thing on the planet and my all time favorite photographic subject, since I started watching him at three months old.

What did he die of, you ask…. congestive heart failure. He put up a brave fight as did his "Peeps". They had the fluid in his lungs cleaned out just about every week or so. They are crushed by this loss.

Clyde was beyond special. You can witness that through all the pics I posted of him, here on flickr. Just put his name in the search button.
This is the last picture I took of him three weeks before his passing.

Hope to see you again someday, Clyde… You will be greatly missed…

Posted by dog ma on 2016-01-24 17:39:49

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