NARUMED: New preparations for dogs and cats in diarrhea and osteoarthritis

Although dogs and cats are animal friendly
can be kept and get high quality food, can diseases
occur. Frequently, pet owners have to deal with the problem of diarrhea, or at
older animals with arthrosis. Every time is a treatment
necessary with chemical means or may also be based on natural preparations
be resorted to?

Suffering dogs or cats from acute diarrhea,
Kot is deposited at short intervals in an uncontrolled manner. This one is mushy or
Fluid and may contain blood or mucus if the intestinal mucosa
is damaged. Depending on the cause of the diarrhea, the color of the
Kots from clay to black.

Diarrhea is not a disease of its own
but a symptom that occurs in many diseases. Are located
For example, parasites in the intestinal tract, these damage the intestinal mucosa. chronic
Diarrhea occurs. The worms suck on the intestinal mucosa tight
injured small vessels, blood enters the intestine interior and mixes with
the porridge. Painful colic with gas formation, dehydration
Fluid loss and weight loss through withdrawal of nutrients are the
Episode. In viral infections, such as parvovirus, distemper or feline infectious
Peritonitis (FIP) also causes diarrhea. Become during the course
the FIP destroys the villi by the coronavirus, they can not
to make more new. The diarrhea will last for life. bacterial
Salmonella, Campylobacter, Enterobacteriaceae or Yersinia infections
cause severe, febrile diarrhea, in which liquid droppings deposited

Important: Your pet suffers from chronic
Diarrhea, you should see a vet immediately. Only he can possible
exclude more serious diseases or, if necessary, early
to treat!

Diarrhea also occurs in diseases of the
Liver up. Due to the lack of bile formation, the fats in the
Food pulp can not be split enough. Clay-colored, pulpy faeces
is eliminated. Allergies to individual feed components solve reactions
of the immune system. The defense cells attach themselves to the cells of the
Intestinal mucosa, this inflames. The intestinal barrier becomes permeable,
Large molecules from the porridge are absorbed directly into the blood. The
allergic reaction intensifies.

Even with suspected allergy
You should consult your veterinarian so that he can do it clearly
can diagnose.

Diarrhea does not always have to
have infectious causes. Stress, weather changes or spoiled meat and
Fat irritates the intestinal mucosa and causes the secretion of liquid feces.
The bacterial flora of the intestine is no longer in equilibrium. By
the proliferation of the wrong bacteria arise in the gut decay processes,
Greenish, foul-smelling feces are excreted.