Medicine chest for the dog – Whatever should be there

In most households, the small medicine chest has long been an integral part. Plasters, wound ointment, clinical thermometer and nasal spray help the entire family to be self-sufficient in an emergency. That a medicine chest but not only for humans can be useful, know the fewest. Also the own dog suffers in the course of his life under small and larger injuries and diseases, Well it has there, who provided in good time and created a medicine chest for the dog.

medicine chest-dog

The main function of a medicine cabinet is to be able to relieve and treat physical complaints spontaneously. This also applies to diseases of the dog, which can show quite varied. In the medicine chest for the four-legged friends in addition to any medications for chronic diseases, the following should always be present:

Dog owners can tackle everyday life with four-legged friends a bit more relaxed with a fully equipped medicine chest. In principle, however, that each of the presented means, in particular the ointments, solutions and drops, are not suitable for each dog equally. It is therefore important to ask for assistance and suggestions when compiling the medicine cabinet and the treating veterinarian. He can name any contraindications and suggest alternative means.

Even with large injuries and illnesses that do not improve themselves, dog owners should visit the vet. If it comes to a spontaneous deterioration of the condition and must be acted quickly, also the keeping of the phone number of the veterinarian and emergency service in the medicine chest makes sense.