Meaningful or total nonsense? Sunglasses for dogs

Happy without glasses

Basically, dogs are not living things that depend on glasses. Like all other animals, they eventually come from animals that live in the wild and can handle the natural environment. The fact that humans have developed so far to protect their eyes with glasses does not necessarily apply to the dog. However, it is often heard that a dog's eye is very sensitive and therefore needs to be protected. Of course, this approach is also correct, because even the dog eye is quite one of the most sensitive parts in the face of the animal. This is true not only for the sun, but also for wind in the convertible or sand. Here, dog owners are particularly likely to glasses for the four-legged friends, because in a joint ride in a convertible, both have their fun, right? You can see that there are some ways to justify a pair of glasses for the dog. However, all these reasons do not originate in the nature of the dog, but rather in the wishful thinking of the owners. It is actually rather questionable whether the dog can actually feel joy in the strong wind in the convertible, because while master and mistress protect their ears with a cloth or a cap, the sensitive dog ears are vulnerable to the wind. In this case, it is better to forego both the fast drive in the convertible and on the dog goggles.

The dog in itself is quite happy, even if he does not wear glasses. A valid reason for wearing a pair of glasses does not exist in ordinary life.

Health reasons for sunglasses