Ideal destinations with dog on the North Sea

More and more dog owners take their four-legged friend on vacation. Unfortunately, the dog is not allowed in all pensions, hotels, restaurants, day trip destinations or beaches. But the places where dogs are welcome, fortunately, more and more. Here are some tips for your North Sea holiday with a dog. However, you have to keep in mind that the dog has to stay on the leash almost everywhere.

The best recommendations for dog owners are above all the Beaches on Pellwormwhere the dogs can walk free, and the beach at St. Peter-Ording Böhl, There are two areas right on the beach where the Dogs run free can. In addition, the dogs can be taken on a leash anywhere on the beach, which is possible on the other beaches only in certain areas.

Between May and September is a guided mudflat hike from Neßmersiel out to one of the islands Norderney or Baltrum a very special experience. The hike takes between two and three hours.

A completely focused on your dog destination is the Fun Agility Park on the dog beach of Neßmersiel, There you will find numerous hurdles, seesaws and slalom trails, which are designed so that they can be used without prior knowledge. Afterwards, you can let your dog romp around in the nearby freewheeling area.

The Lighthouse in camp You should visit in the company of a second person. Unless you refrain from climbing the tower. That would be a pity, from the observation deck you have a great view of the Netherlands and the island of Borkum. But the dog will not be enthusiastic. He would rather wait in company below. The lighthouse is also called the little brother of the Eiffel Tower. He looks very similar to this and was built in the same year. If you combine a visit to the lighthouse with a dyke walk, it will certainly make the dog much more fun.