How do Constipation Occur in Dogs?

Dogs can be constipated much like humans To suffer. These can be extremely uncomfortable for the animals, with pain and serious health effects and consequences to have. In this post, we want to explain a little more detail, such as blockages in dogs arise and which causes of such a development underlie can lie.

Before we understand the causes and the formation of blockages take a closer look at four-legged friends, we would like to briefly with the To deal with signs and identifying features. In general, express themselves Obstruction in dogs by the fact that the affected dog is not or only rarely be able to do business. The dogs have their weaning Kots often have severe pain, so the feces are only in small, extremely hard Fractions can be separated. For example, this pain is there to realize that the animals whimper or whine softly as they try to to do their business. Many animals also start to shiver easily, though they feel pain or lick their noses again and again. The four-legged friends can no longer sell feces, although they always is again take the position required here and begin to squeeze is This is also a clear indication that can indicate a constipation.

In some rare cases, the excreted feces of the Dogs with blood or a mucilaginous substance. Make a Such a discovery, you should not hesitate, but your dog directly to Bring veterinarian.

Light blockages usually only hold about 1 to 2 Days and then dissolve by itself. In hardship cases in which the Complaints should last for a longer period of time, should be in each Trap a veterinarian. Stubborn blockages may well have unsightly consequences on the health of the sick dogs and Cause complications.

The triggers a constipation in the dog can be varied his. Often, incorrect feeding or intake is poorly digestible Food the reason. Too much fiber or an unbalanced diet can promote the formation of blockages. Also Metabolic diseases are a common cause. Strong overweight, one Hyperthyroidism or calcium deficiency in the blood of animals can Bowel problems and problems with killing. Especially if the animals Take medication, caution is required. Some medications like For example, opioids extract much fluid from the organism. On Dehydration is the result that prevents normal digestion and can cause constipation. It’s the same with dogs, who generally consume only very little liquid or a disease suffer from constantly losing valuable fluids. In such cases Care must always be taken to ensure adequate hydrogenation of the animals.

Another common cause of constipation in dogs is due to the behavior of the dog owner. Dogs are normally so educated that they do not do their business inside the house. These Usually, the animals follow even when they are actually in desperate need of killing must be carried out, but not on time and often enough. The dog keeps the feces back and suppresses the natural excretion process. This results in constipation and digestive problems. Also lack of exercise can have a significant negative impact on the digestion of a dog.

Besides the already mentioned causes can be a constipation also caused by otherwise caused pain. If the dog For example, he feels pain in the anal or intestinal area, he hesitates Kick out so as not to aggravate the pain. Also dogs under Osteoarthritis (severe, sharp joint pain) suffer and therefore the defecation can not take the required squat position without pain, try on to give up the koten. Quickly arises in this way, too Constipation.