Holiday with the dog: the best destinations

Finally it's here – the long-awaited holiday season. Now it's time to pack your bags and go to the sun. For dog owners, the question arises every year, where they should travel. After all, most masters and mistresses like to take their four-legged friend on vacation. We have collected some travel destinations and tips for the holiday with the dog.

Holiday with the dog: the agony of choice

If you want to travel with your dog, you must first decide on a particular type of holiday. Would the tourists like to spend the whole day with their pet on the beach, or is it more likely this summer? City Trips his? Not every dog ​​owner likes every holiday equally well – and that also applies to the dog. Anyone who has lived with his dog for some time now knows his preferences and can adapt accordingly. Should it be the first holiday with four-legged friends, one would rather play it safe and decide on a quiet holiday destination. Some dogs are very sensitive to change and many strangers. A holiday at a destination where you can even retreat is just the thing.

The holiday with the beloved Four-legged friends on the beach can be a very nice thing. The catch: Dogs are not allowed on all beaches. Fortunately, there are also beach sections, which are designated for dog owners and their four-legged friends. So if you want to spend your holidays with the four-legged friends on the beach, you should choose one of these beaches.

At the North Sea there are many beaches where dogs are allowed. Some with and some without leash, In Noordwijk, for example, the four-legged friend can romp around the whole year without a leash – even during the main travel season. Of course this does not sound bad, but depending on the temperament of the dog, it can be quite exhausting for dog owners. Because on a total of four kilometers of beach section our four-legged friends are allowed to walk around freely – and all. Dogs, who now and then tend to cuddle with other dogs, need special attention at this beach. Since it is questionable whether masters and mistresses can really relax well, if they feel that they have to constantly take care of the dog.

But if your own four-legged friend is very relaxed about other dogs, this form of dog beach can be a great destination for dog owners. Dogs with an open and cheerful mind quickly find a connection to such a beach and are busy for several hours, while master and mistress can enjoy the free time and the sun.