Holiday with dog – what has to be done?

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<p>Abroad, some entry requirements apply, for example the presentation of a dog health certificate. Within the EU, as a rule, the <a href=European entry requirements for dogs, where a dog must present an EU pet passport with veterinary confirmation of rabies vaccination and a microchip. Staying abroad can also be subject to different regulations. In many countries, for example, wearing a muzzle is mandatory. You should inform yourself in time before you leave. The basic vaccinations should be up-to-date before a trip so that the dog is optimally protected in terms of health. If the dog needs medicines, they must be carried in sufficient quantities, because on the ground it will be difficult and stressful to get the necessary funds.

Be smart about the risks that can occur in the target regions and protect your dogs accordingly. For example, in southern Europe, the protection against the sandfly is very important, as these are the vectors of LEishmanious (tropical medicine infectious diseases) applies. Since these are exclusively nocturnal, your dog should not sleep outdoors.

Here is the checklist, which things you should pack for your dog:

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