Holiday with dog in Croatia: Worth knowing about beaches, health and entry

A trip with a dog requires a lot of planning in advance. After all, it is not just the bipeds on holiday have good. Who wants to travel to Croatia and bring their own dog should therefore pay attention to the appropriate accommodation, nearby dog ​​beaches and of course the observance of valid entry requirements. Then the journey becomes a special experience for all participants.

The trip to Croatia can be very long. Depending on the holiday region are Travelers by car more than ten hours on the way. It is therefore worthwhile for all dog owners to divide the journey into stages and to give the dog time and again opportunity to move. If you plan a stop in Austria just before the border with Slovenia, you can stay there for one night and do the rest of the trip the next day.

In order for the dog to pass the Croatian border without complications, he needs

• an EU pet passport
• a health certificate from the attending veterinarian
• a valid vaccination certificate including a certified rabies vaccine
• one microchip for better identification.

Health and well-being

Apart from that, ticks are also an issue in Croatia. There is a season between April and October and the risk of developing Lyme disease increases. Dog owners should therefore use an appropriate anti-tick remedies and not let their dog run in too dense scrub.