Health insurance for the dog – a sensible investment

The dog is considered the best friend of man. In millions of families, the four-legged animals are among them and are loved by all. But what if something happens to the dog?

Dogs are naturally active animals and romp around a lot. Since it can happen quickly that the four-legged injure, suffer an accident or worms, fleas or ticks to get. Even a simple treatment (deworming) at vet can cost around 100 euros. An OP can even cost you € 1,000 or more. Without insurance for your dog, you usually have to pay the vet the cost of treatment in advance. This often comes as a shock to master or mistress, because they do not expect such costs. A dog insurance, as it is, for example gives, protects you from such consequences and takes over the costs. All this for a few hundred euros a year.

There are 3 types: OP protection, accident prevention and full protection.

The OP protection covers the costs of any surgery that becomes necessary as a result of an accident or illness. However, the costs of outpatient and inpatient treatment, vaccination, deworming, tick treatment, etc. are not included.

The accident protection In addition to the cost of surgery, it also covers outpatient and inpatient care.
Decide for the Full protection option, so are the costs of preventive care, such as vaccinations, taken over.

All 3 tariff options also assume the cost of castration or sterilization and are also valid abroad, For all 3 tariffs there is also a free choice of veterinarian.

Some breeds are susceptible to certain diseases. This concerns for example the pug, the English Bulldog or the French bulldogwho have mild respiratory problems. Therefore, certain races may have limitations. But that's the exception rather than the rule. Normally, the breed of dog does not play a special role.
With increasing age of the dog it is possible that the premiums also rise. For some providers already from the age of 3 years. If the animal is already very much old is or serious pre-existing conditions, it may happen that the insurance is denied because the risk is just too big.

It all depends on how much money you want to spend on the animal's health. In an older dog, which is used as a guard dog and is only outside, an OP insurance is probably sufficient. If the animal is still a puppy and grows up as a family member, full protection would be better. Not only does it save you from high costs, but good medical care also improves the dog's health and reduces the risk of transmitting infectious diseases or parasites to its human roommates.

The best way to drive it, if you put together an insurance for the dog from different building blocks. You can lower the premium by, for example, agreeing to a deductible or only going to certain contract physicians. Dog insurance is almost as flexible as it is for people. Therefore, you should inform yourself comprehensively before you conclude a contract. Most insurance companies offer personal advice by phone. If the circumstances have changed, a subsequent adjustment or change to the tariff may be useful.