Glyphosate: The herbicide is also in dog food

Weeds and plants, farmers not in their fields
want to be with the
Destroy herbicide glyphosate. What sounds comfortable, but already
criticized for a long time. Glyphosate is suspected
to be harmful to your health. Now researchers have the substance in dog food

At Cornell University in Ithaca, USA, microbiologist Anthony Hay and his research group are studying dog and cat food. They wanted to find out if these foods also contained glyphosate and bought about 18 different varieties in retail. The shocking result: No food was free of glyphosate.

The values ​​fluctuated significantly. While some
Foods containing only eighty micrograms of glyphosate per kilogram came
others at 2,000 micrograms. For most varieties, the
applicable limit values ​​are not exceeded. That, however, should not be about it
hide the fact that glyphosate is far from fully explored. Also
low doses may be harmful if taken for long periods. Here must the
Research further.

ÖKO-Test took a closer look at dog food as well
could find that dog food in the German retail trade also weighed down
is like in the USA. From a total of eight puppy feed samples examined
Seven contained the herbicide. That glyphosate does not work for dogs either
is unobjectionable, is obvious. In the context of animal experiments turned out
out that the substance can have a harmful effect.

The problems with glyphosate become dog owners and
Accompany consumers even further. Even if the WHO as the substance
Classified "probably carcinogenic", was approved in the
European Union in 2017 extended by a full five years. Glyphosate
After that is taken from the market is unclear.

As the tests at Cornell University showed,
Dogs with high cereal content were particularly heavily burdened.
Sounds obvious, because glyphosate is used especially in grain farming
and can not accumulate in animal foods. Dog owner who
now uncertain because of the results, should the currently used
Take a closer look at the food. If it has a lot of grains, it could be glyphosate

A way to avoid the risk of stress,
consists of feeding products with the lowest possible content
Fiber. Dog owners who were eating their four-legged friends can actively influence
take on it. Whether organic dog food is less burdened is not clear. The
Although herbicide is not authorized in organic agriculture, it is contaminated
their fields, however, also by drifts. The salary is expected in
Organic fodder but lower.