First aid for the dog: So you are properly prepared

Whether a short carelessness of humans and animals, arrogance or the meeting with a bad-tempered conspecific. It happened quickly. Your dog has injured and needs immediate attention.

As a keeper, you should know what to do in such a situation. In addition to the immediate contact a veterinarian, especially your knowledge in first aid for the dog are in demand.

Maybe you think that nothing will happen. With that you may be right. Of course, there does not have to be an emergency. Nevertheless, you should not underestimate possible dangers.

There are many risks in everyday life. This can lead, among other things, to accidents involving cars and bicycles, and your dog may get injured when fighting another dog or during the summer months heatstroke suffer.

Another, often underestimated, danger is poisoning – be it through the wrong treat, poisonous plants or poison baitthat unfortunately are interpreted again and again. Much can happen. As a dog owner you should therefore be prepared for the emergency.

Everyone who has a driver's license has attended a first aid course at least once in their lifetime. But what about your knowledge of first aid for the dog?

If you are like most people, probably not too good. It is often the measures that are taken immediately after the emergence of the emergency that decide how to proceed.