Tank’s Thoughts-
"I’ve been reduced from Rudolph’s backup to Santa’s little helper…. that’s my life in this silly house. Rudolph it seems, is quite healthy and was able to do the job." =)
" I’m beginning to like these strange photo sessions. Oh, not for the crazy head gear.., but for all the attention I get when I’m posing for Mama. I’m actually starting to like getting my picture taken, but don’t tell her, cause she’ll cut down on the cookies and that would be very bad…".
"Oh yeah, and don’t forget… it’s my first birthday on Dec. 28… in like three days. So don’t forget to stop back and see what she does then. Oh boy…"

Posted for a dear flickr friend who’s going thru a hard time right now and could use a laugh.
I hope you all get at least a little chuckle out of this too. =)


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Posted by dog ma on 2012-12-25 12:53:04

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