Dogs shear in the summer – how short is still healthy?

As soon as the first signs of hot summer temperatures show, many dog ​​owners think of their four-legged friends. After all, it is close to the idea that it is a dog with his thick coat at high heat less well. The fact is, however, that before the change of the coat by a summery cut also the functions of the hair coat must be considered. It also protects the dog from strong sunlight and even forms a protective shield against heat. So it does not necessarily make sense to take the dog as much as possible in the summer, because under certain circumstances, this may cause real inconvenience for the four-legged friend.

Is shearing really useful?

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<p>In order for the new haircut does not become a health risk to the dog, owners should not resort to radical measures under any circumstances. The complete shearing of the coat takes the sensitive skin of natural protection and it can lead to serious burns. Basically, it is therefore recommended to leave at least one to two inches of fur. In dogs whose coat is very light colored, the risk of sunburn after shearing is significantly increased. This holder should pay attention to it and prefer to remove less coat. Anyone who is unsure how much fur their own animal actually should, can turn to a knowledgeable dog hairdresser, who also knows about the summery needs of the animals.</p>
<p><strong>Careless relief actions</strong></p>
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