Dog food from the animal feed manufactory Bubeck in the test

In search of the perfect dog food, the discovery of the month was the pet food manufacturer Bubeck, who writes well about her food and its production on her homepage. With the healthy mistrust of the unfortunately end user – or in this case a middleman between store and dog – you do not believe it all right away. Ordered anyway and after a week's test can be reported a lot:

The Online Shop: Informative and comfortable

Very clear, well described and neatly sorted, the products show up on the shop page. You get a first impression of the packaging, can learn a lot about composition and production. Ordered within a few minutes, once you have decided what you want. The decision was made on that Bubeck dry food no. 21 with horse meat for small breeds and the wet food variety Game meat with potatoes and parsnips, The packaging is designed according to pictures simple and appealing; Dog owners recognize the variety here at a glance, the size of the chunks in the case of dry food, and the "special additives" in the product when wet food. On each product page you could really find out exactly what the feed consists of – additional information is not missing on the homepage. A "Trusted Shops" certified online shop with rating "very good".

Delivery and first impression

On time in the promised period, the ordered items were on the doorstep. On the outer packaging was nothing unusual – so carry in and unpack the same. Of course, carefully watched by the test candidate, but that too is nothing special. The packaging was as expected and pictured. A sturdy dry food packaging, which poses a problem when disposing of unsolvable problems, the wet food in the can, as known.