Denmark – land of dunes, beaches and dog lovers. Or?

The list of Denmark includes the breeds:

All dogs of these breeds, born after 1 July 2010, can be euthanized in Denmark. Nevertheless, the holders are all other dog breeds concerned, because: if a police officer believes that the animal is similar to one of the mentioned breeds, the dog can be taken immediately and euthanized within three days. An objection is only possible with the inverse burden of proof, which means that the holder must prove that the dog does not have any breed parts of a list dog. Especially with Mischlinge this is almost impossible.

Even in the case of a biting attack, in which the wound of the victim must be sewn, the dog is immediately euthanized in Denmark – here is no objection possible. In addition, there was an old law from 1872, which allows landowners to shoot stray dogs entering their own grounds.

In the course of the new law, the racial list was not abolished, however, as of June 1, 2017, the old law of 1872 repealed. In the future, landowners are not allowed to shoot stray dogs when they enter their own property. In addition, the law of the bite control was relaxed: now no longer decides not only a judge on the fate of the animal, but also an expert looks at the case. There it is decided whether it is a natural behavior of the animal or an aggressive dog. Appeals against the decision are now possible. Until the final verdict, the animal has to be housed in the shelter.

It should be noted, however, that not a single tourist dog has been euthanized in Denmark – despite more than 100,000 tourists who visited the country in the company of their dogs. Thus, the law is only relevant for Danish dog owners.

Of course, as a dog owner, you should ask yourself if you would like to take the risk of traveling with the beloved animal to a country where it can be confiscated immediately and euthanized within three more days. After all, if you are a tourist, you have as few opportunities as a local to influence the decision. Only owners of purebred dogs with a clear pedigree certificate can, of course, safely visit the land of beautiful beaches, dunes and landscapes – but should then think of the relevant documents to prove in case of doubt, which breed it is.