Camping with a dog – How the holiday becomes a success

A camping holiday is one of the most individual ways to travel. After all, all travelers are always mobile and the choice of staying at the resort is mostly camp-with-dog "width =" 500 "height =" 333 "srcset =" 500w, https: // 300w, .jpg 310w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px "></p>
<p><strong>Attention when traveling abroad</strong></p>
<p>Who with his dog not only in <a href=Germany want to camp but also outside the country's borders, should definitely inform about the entry requirements of each country. In order to be able to apply for any necessary documents in good time, this should be done at best three months before the trip. Thus it can be proven that the animal is sufficiently vaccinated and otherwise healthy enough for entry into a foreign country. Your own veterinarian can usually procure all relevant documents and create international IDs. It can also be useful to take a closer look at the resort itself. If there is already a fixed campsite, dog owners should inform themselves, which additional things are needed for the dog. Sometimes special things such as flea collars or muzzles are a prerequisite for dog permission.

A safe journey

For the ride itself, a safe dog box is important. The dog should not just be allowed to roam free while master or mistress control the vehicle on the highway, because in an accident, the risk of injury increases significantly. It is much better to secure the dog in a sufficiently large box and to get used to it already a few days before the holiday. So that he feels particularly comfortable, a blanket or a cuddly pillow from home can be placed in the box. Regular breaks, about every three hours, should not only treat the dog owners. Even the dog needs a little exercise. On the leash, he can do so on the rest area in specially designated green spaces his emergency (please with bags) and a little fresh air, before it goes back into the pits.

For dogs, where already a certain motion sickness is known, a ride in the camper can be a burden. Sensitive minds may benefit from special medications or homeopathic remedies. The vet is certainly happy to provide information about this.