Black seed oil in dogs: interesting facts and tips

Natural foods and healthy oils do not just play
on the table of master and mistress a special role. Always more
Dog owners also wish for their four-legged friends a balanced and
appropriate diet and care that does not rely on chemistry. Some encounter
in their search for additives and products on black cumin oil, the all-round
to develop positive effects. But what is behind "Nigella sativa" and
their ingredients?

Black seed is a spice plant that
can be found in western Asia. Their use is in many countries
have tradition and local people for more than 2,000 years
Recognizes that the oil contains some special ingredients.

So finds yourself in black cumin oil the essential oil thymoquinone, which is designed to counteract allergies and also affects the regulation of blood sugar. In addition, the oil also contains terpene derivatives, which are to help sparingly dosed in respiratory diseases. Not to be neglected are unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids, which support a healthy diet and are needed in various metabolic processes.

In addition, there are several different types of black cumin oil
Vitamins such as A, E, C and representatives of the B complex, as well as the minerals
Selenium and magnesium.

Who decides to to give his dog black cumin oil, or to care for skin and coat with it, should definitely select an oil that comes from a trusted hand. It is important to use a cold-pressed and unfiltered oil, because only here are the partially sensitive fatty acids and vitamins preserved.

One hundred percent black cumin oil is also clear
better than blends in which manufacturers have different additives and cheap
Add oils to increase their profit per liter. In the pack should
So find nothing else than black seed oil.

Before using the oil and any other remedy
It is absolutely essential to know the contraindications. The essential oils
from the black cumin oil can stress the liver more, which in healthy
Animals are usually not a problem. Liver sick dogs and also
However, pregnant bitches should never be consulted with the veterinarian
Black cumin oil received!