Beware, these plants are poison to the dog – beware of poisonous plants

Poisoning by plants or their ingredients are also more common in dogs. Sometimes the dog picks up the corresponding parts of the plant directly, for example, fallen berries, which look interesting. The gnawing of leaves and branches can lead to poisoning. Often it is also processed into products plant elements that the dog inadvertently eats or fed to him out of ignorance.

Depending on the ingredient and the amount consumed, the symptoms of poisoning can be very different: anything from mild diarrhea to death due to cardiac arrest or respiratory paralysis is possible.

Every dog ​​owner should therefore have a basic knowledge of the most important poisonous plants, in order to recognize these in time and to prevent a take-up by the dog if possible.

Cocoa (Theobroma cacao):

The cocoa plant contains theobromine, a purine alkaloid toxic to dogs. Even if the plant is processed further, for example to chocolate, its poison effect remains. Symptoms of poisoning are u. a.

-Mehr thirst

– restlessness, trembling, strong panting