Beware dog owner! Pseudo rage in Lower Saxony emerged

The Aujetzki virus is considered by hunters and dog owners
especially dreaded. If your own dog becomes infected, it will be right
swift and torturous death. Many animals have to go to the vet first
be euthanized. And although the virus does not work for humans
is dangerous, should now after the detection of antibodies in a
Wild boar in Lower Saxony take special care.

Near Soltau in Lower Saxony Antibodies to the Aujetzki virus have recently been found in a routine examination of blood samples in a wild boar. For a long time it was quiet on the ground about the disease, which nevertheless affects many wild boars. The veterinary authorities in the district called on dog owners and hunters to be extra careful to protect their dogs.

As early as January of last year, media reported about
a case from the Landshut district. Here was a dog with the virus
infected and was soon euthanized.

The pseudo rage carries many names. She was officially named
according to Aladár Aujetzki, a veterinarian from Hungary, terms such as itching,
Mad Itch, madrass or pseudorabies are also common. The
The actual host of the virus is the wild boar, which is why it is estimated that in
some German regions between ten and thirty percent of the stock that
Carry virus.

In wild boars, however, infection usually causes
does not cause an acute illness with fatal consequences, but proceeds latently. The
means that the virus belonging to the genus of herpesviruses, im
Pull back the body of pigs and linger there for life. Device a pig
under stress, or is his immune system otherwise weakened, it can cause
Reactivation of the virus come, which is then excreted again. A
Infection with the virus is only possible if the pathogen reactivates
is, but not in the latent course.

So the current case does not say that Aujetzki
Virus around Soltau is completely new. It could also be that affected
Pig was exposed to a stressful situation and the latent infection already
has existed for a long time. Of course, stress in wild boars can matter
Different reasons arise if a dangerous situation by hunting at
However, this animal does not play a role. It could also
have suffered another infection that has weakened the immune system.

A danger poses the Aujetzki virus for dogs, wolves, Cattle, sheep and cats. If they become infected with the pathogen – usually through direct contact with a carrier of the virus or infected excrements and objects – they show signs of acute inflammation of the spinal cord and brain. However, all of these animals, as infected offenders, are at no time able to infect conspecifics because they do not excrete the virus.