BARF clarifies

Dogs are proven to be from the wolf and are carnivores. Prey animals are eliminated with skin and hair (or feathers). Important vitamins and minerals not contained in the meat absorb wolves and canids over the innards, the stomach contents and the bones of their feed animals. Occasionally wolves also eat grass, herbs and wild berries to cleanse the stomach and detoxify the body. Even in dogs, the "browsing" is often observed. Instinctively, the animals thus ensure a healthy, balanced diet and compensate for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

BARF = Born Again Raw Feeders

The abbreviation BARF stands for "Born Again Raw Feeders" and literally means "born again raw feeders". However, the designation based on the letters BARF has established itself "Biologisch Artgerechtes ROHES Futter ". Dogs are naturally carnivores. This also includes occasional bone meals to strengthen the masticatory muscles. But some black sheep of the feed industry want to make the animal owners believe the opposite and put dog food with pathogenic fillers and grain. Instead of meat, bone meal is used. Allergies, bone disease, dental disease and dull fur are not the effects of such appropriate dietthat only serves the profit of the producers. BARF products are absolutely grain-free. Cereals (wheat, corn) are the most common allergens in dogs.

Barfen is healthy and makes you fit

BARF is BIO for our darlings. Dogs fed on fresh meat have strong joints, bones and teeth and rarely get sick. Incidentally, cats also benefit from the healthy alternative to canned animal fast food. When fed with fresh meat, the dogs receive all the important nutrients, minerals and vitamins in a highly digestible form. The Barfen is not only raw meat fed, but also egg products, fish and raw food: herbs, dried fruits and tubers are mixed in the preparation of the feed, strengthen the digestive tract and have a positive effect on the metabolism. With proper feeding are weight problems almost impossible with the four-legged friends. The raw feeding is suitable for all dog breeds. We do not know a dog that does not like this dog food.

BARF: pros and cons

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