Bad breath in the dog – Where he comes from and what dog owners can do

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<p>An easy-to-correct reason for dog malodor is the wrong diet. If the dog receives rather inferior food, or is it even supplied with food leftovers from the dining table, so this strains the "household" of the dog body. Even found items that the dog picks up during a walk can cause bad breath. Especially in times when <a href=poison bait play an increasingly important role, owners anyway should make sure that their dog does not pick up found things and eats. If the cause of the bad breath is therefore a wrong diet, it can be eliminated relatively quickly by switching.

The teeth and gums are also the focus of bad breath. So it may be that your own dog tartar or under one Gingivitis suffers. This forms in the mouth of the animal numerous bacteria that cause an unpleasant odor. Who one diabetes close.

Dog owners who can not find out the cause of the halitosis should first visit the veterinarian. He will deal with the problem and examine the dog, if necessary.