Attention heat wave! The right cooling for dogs

With rising temperatures, many dog ​​owners wonder how they can make their four-legged friend the summer heat bearable. Even though dogs know instinctively what is good for them, masters and mistresses can do a lot to give a good time to the best friend of man. From dog ice over your own paddling pool to cozy shadow cookies, dogs can enjoy the summer to the fullest.

Get out of the sun

Usually, dogs are well able to recognize and fulfill their own needs. Therefore masters and mistresses should absolutely ensure that their own dog in the garden can use enough shady places for themselves. This can not only be a tree in a meadow, but also pavilions, umbrellas and sails should be placed so that the dog can put in the shade. Since dogs have a natural need for rest, especially at high temperatures, a shady spot is a bit off the beaten path. However, if it is still too warm in the garden, the dog should always be able to retire inside the apartment. Especially cool tile floors are very popular with dogs in summer. If you have a cellar, you should open it during the hot period for the dog, because here it is often a few degrees cooler than in the upper floors.

The car should not be seen by dogs during particularly hot days. Even if the way seems to be short, dog bodies can only barely compensate for the heat in a car. So it can be avoided, so the car should not be used for the path to the promenade. If there is no way around a car drive, the dog needs enough water. Never allow dogs to be left alone in the car. Just a few minutes are enough to conjure up a life-threatening heat stroke and then often any help comes too late.

Life elixir water

Not only the human, but also the dog needs a lot of fluid in summer. After all, the hot temperatures ensure that the body loses much faster liquid. Dogs are particularly vulnerable when it comes to overheating and dehydration. So dog owners should also always have a bottle of water for the dog when out of the house. If necessary, the water can then be filled into the hollow hand and offered to the dog to drink. If you prefer something more comfortable, you can also rely on a practical travel bowl or a bottle with integrated bowl, because these often turn out to be more pleasant. Even at home, the water bowl should always be filled with clear and fresh water. Dog owners can also do something good for their own dog if they offer them fresh fruits with a high water content. Here, however, should be taken to ensure that the respective fruit is suitable for the dog, because some fruits can be quite dangerous. In summer, dogs love fruits like watermelon, apricot and apple. Due to the relatively high acid content, pineapple and orange are also allowed to be fed sparingly.

Quiet and comfortable walk