5 factors for a long and healthy dog ​​life

For many families, the dog is much more than just a pet. He is a full family member and the best friend you want to have by your side for as long as possible. The expected, maximum achievable dog age depends on the breed, size and attitude. Owners and mistresses can do everything about the living conditions for a healthy and long life, they spend together with their four-legged friends. Our tips and hints range from exercise to feeding to the most important health care measures.

One of the most important things that affects a dog's health and fitness is diet. So all bipeds should not only eat healthy and fully-fledged, but also provide their pets with the necessary nutrients and a varied diet. One of the biggest mistakes would be to humanize the needs of the dog. In principle, no dog owner must stand by the stove and conjure up delicious meals for his four-legged friend every day. If you are a bit familiar with the dog's anatomy, behavior and digestion and realize that the dog's genetic predecessor is the wolf, you will also choose the right food.

One of the main ingredients of wholesome dog nutrition is meat. There are also herbal ingredients, such as vegetables, grasses and herbs, as well as fruits. Just what a wolf takes in the wild. So the wolf is an omnivore and not exclusively a carnivore.

Cereal belongs only to a minimal extent in the dog food. Especially with very cheap and low-quality foods, however, cereals are used very intensively to save on the amount of meat. A similar additive that exposes inferior food is meat meal and poultry meal instead of high quality offal and muscle meat. These animal meals do not bring any nutrients to the dog.

Belonging to one of the "common diseases" and common problems Overweight in dogs, This has a negative effect on the fitness, the conditions and the mobility of the four-legged friends. At the same time the overweight attacks the immune system and the dog becomes more susceptible to infections. Not to be neglected is the strain on the bones and joints, which are more affected by the higher weight.