48 Rustic Camo Wedding Cakes Ideas

One of the most unique wedding planning ideas that you can ever think of is to wear a camo bridal gown on your big day. It can be a strapless camouflage long dress for a formal wedding or a camisole style camo dress for a casual one. Any type of camo wedding dresses will surely make an elegant and stylish choice. Every woman wants to look extraordinarily beautiful on their big day. And today most brides opt for modern dresses which are not conventional and non traditional but still reflects the solemnity and purity of exchanging vows. And one of the most popular kinds of modern bridal gowns is camoflauge wedding dresses. You can browse any fashion magazine or the internet to take a look at the pictures of camo wedding dresses that are really spectacular and gorgeous. There are so many reasons why a bride would choose a this type of bridal gown over the traditional one. Maybe the bride or the groom came from a family who served the military and want to honor them; or the couple love outdoors and they want to incorporate their individuality to their day while some just love the uniqueness of its color and texture. Camo weddings are becoming popular these days and you can be one of those brides who are brave enough to have this kind of wedding and bold enough to wear this type of bridal gown. This type of wedding dress has so many variations and with that, you have many possible choices as to what style of wedding gown will suit you best. You can wear a halter style gown, a wrap dress, a tunic dress, a short sleeve gown or a skirt set. These wedding dresses can be worn in a formal to a casual wedding. There are also accentuated camo wedding dresses available such as colored camo gowns, a camo underlay, a gown with a camo belt or ribbon, and a wedding dress with a camo trim on the edge of the skirt; these wedding gowns are perfect for those brides who are not bold enough to go in full camo but still want a touch of camo in their wedding dresses. Aside from a camo wedding gown, another one of the great camo wedding ideas is to have a camo wedding cake to complete your camo themed wedding. You can also decorate your wedding reception with some camo wedding stuff such as camo table covers, artificial trees to surround the reception area, and leaves to cover the floor. Bear in mind that whatever you want your wedding to be, it should reflect your own taste and personality; it is your wedding after all.   medianet_width = “300”; medianet_height = “600”; medianet_crid = “150626312”; medianet_versionId = “3111299”;
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