4 Loose Leash Walking Tips.

Be fully present! If your nose is buried in your phone how will you be able to train your dog for success? Give that phone a break and turn that attention towards your dog. Learn how to anticipate your dog’s quirks – is it trying to chase squirrels, cats, birds, do loud vehicles cause a reaction, etc? – and use these instances as additional opportunities to shift their attention towards you.

Reward reward reward! Carry a treat pouch with you to use when your dog “checks-in” with you or reacts positively to your commands. Even as your dog becomes and continues to do well, surprise them with a random treat here and there.

Allow your dog to sniff. Dogs sniff because it’s their main way of experiencing everything around them and incorporates mental stimulation during a daily routine.

Keep the leash slacked. If your dog moves too much ahead of you where there is tension on the leash, stop walking to let him know that you will not tolerate pulling.