35 Best French Bulldog Cute Clothing & Bandana

Welcome oh ok so I got another package in this time it’s not for me this time is for this guy I bought him a few t-shirts they have some really cute slogans and I’m so excited to open it and see how they look on him so first I will show you guys the shirts that I got and then I’ll show you what they look like on him ok so I ended up getting him three different shirts red blue blue blue and one Navy and they all say something different. I got him an extra-large cuz like I said he’s a pretty big boy the first one if you know anything about French bulldogs you know that they fart so I had to get this shirt because he does it on people sometimes and it just sneaks up on him so I got him this shirt that says fart loading little swimming it’s coming this is kind of tiny toy I don’t know if this is gonna fit him.

I hope it does now the black one you’ve gotta ask me first not like he ever does he just does what he wants and then the Navy won this saying was my favorite this is originally what got me on the websites like I need to get this because this is so what is even though.

He can’t talk and no this is what’s going through his head because I know he knows what’s wrong and what’s right but sometimes it’s just like he really wants to do he’s gonna do it so the Navy one says that’s when he’s biting up my couch and he’s like oh this is so good and I got a new toy and I’m like I’m gonna be oh mo kono he’s stressed you’re stressed these are new shirts okay now.

I’m gonna show you guys what they look like on. he’s such a good model yeah you thought you could you just want to get down don’t you you’re so lonely this okay fine you can get down come on go.