35 Best French Bulldog Clothes Pattern

How to properly put the dresser mist on your dog for the first time here we have our lovely supermodel Tallulah Palooza labelled that is going to help us first thing you want to do is stand your dog up measure around the base of the nip and that’s at the very lowest part not too tight just a nice loose measurement. I asked for and that tells me how far back to put the band you’re going to kind of eye right where.

The next measurement is going to be around the chest the same thing not super tight just a nice loose measurement the third measurement is the length and for a girl you’re going to measure from the base of the neck to where the tail starts and for a boy you are going to stop at the waist line where the back legs begin and there is a fourth little measurement that.

The back of the legs are and where you measured the neck and measure that little space it’s usually between two and three inches and that’s all there is to it okay the second part of the video I’m going to show how to properly put on a dress any best for the first time what I usually do is I open the dress and I lay it flat on my dog’s back I pull the chest strap all the way up to behind the front legs and I close it then I close the neck lastly so as you can see the chest strap is on the chest.


If you’re putting your dog’s outfit on and it’s like this and it’s back on the belly and you close the neck that’s not the proper fit so if that’s happening all you need to do is pull the dress up to where it is again behind the front legs and then you close the neck once you have the proper fit then what you can do to make easier the next time is undo the belly flap and pull it over your dog’s head then when you want to put it back on the neck strap is already where it should be and so you can just put the dress on like that all right so now.

I’m going to show how to come on to the left put on the boys vest and we’re going to use Sebastian come here boo can you move okay and this is very important the chest strap especially for a male you’re going to do the same thing put it on your dog’s back pull it all the way forward to the front and then close the net and that is very important because if you’ll look where the chest strap is you do not want it back too far because dogs do not like their little manhood rub so if your vest is back like this it is going to be rubbing on your dog’s manhood and we wouldn’t want that so then again pull the vest forward and then close and then close the neck so as you can see it’s not always easy then you close the neck and go there that’s how the that’s how it should look the strap should be right up against the back legs then to remove it you pull it over to dog’s head and then to put it back on the same way you just pull it back over the head then the tighten the straps and it should already be set anyway.