15 Clothes for Toy Poodle and Mom

Toy poodle jeanja if this is your first film my channel welcome and if you’re returning subbing thank you so much for your support in this video I’m going to be showing you guys how to make the cutest dog accessory it’s so easy that’s why I had to share with you all you need is an old polo shirt and scissors if you want to dress up your dog for no cost and no hassle this is the DIY for you let’s get started for this Project.

You will need scissors and one or more polo shirts you no longer wear or you can buy one at a consignment store for very cheap first you will lay your polo shirt out so that the collar is unfolded and laying down flat next you will cut your shirt at the so line between the collar and the shirt make sure you don’t cut off the part that has the button and that’s it you will simply button the fabric around your dog’s neck for a cute accessory.